Congratulations 7 out of 8 TD Passes

TD - Test Sep 2, 2018

TD Test Sep 3 2018.jpg

Pecatonica Tracking Club does it again !! Another TD Test in the history books. Seven passes out of 8 tracks. Wow!

Thank you to our judges: Wally  O'Brien and Eibhlin Glennon.

Thanks to our tracklayers: Jill Boche, Marie Bueche, Penny Dubernat, Pam German, Peggy Granger, Donna Kircher, Gail Ray, Lisa Warren, Pam Kristoff our Pole Carrier and of course Pat Schroder our Chief Tracklayer. 

Thank you to all of you who helped in one way or another to help make this test a success!  Your hard work and dedication is appreciated!

Pecatonica Tracking Club, Inc. was founded April 1982, sanctioned August 25, 1983, licensed for TD April 1985. The first TD test was November 25, 1985; the first TDX test was November 25, 1985. The logo was designed by Emily Nie. State of Illinois incorporation: August 4, 1989


Pecatonica Tracking Club has been proudly serving area trackers since 1983.

Our Mission:


  • promote tracking training of our purebred dogs

  • disseminate knowledge regarding tracking training

  • conduct classes for the training of dogs and their handlers

  • encourage the training of judges

  • encourage and cooperate with individuals and other groups with similar purposes

  • hold and support tracking tests, exhibitions and matches under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club

  • promote cooperation and good sportsmanship among its members in the training and exhibition of dogs

In months when there are tests (currently May, September, October, and November ) meetings are on the Saturday morning 8am of the test weekend before plotting at test site locations.
Annually we hold a fun winter brunch meeting in February.

President:  Penny DuBernat
Vice President: Pat Schroder

Treasurer: Nancy Einwich

Secretary:Lisa Warren
Board of Directors: Jan July, Pam German, Carla Wolter

Newsletter: Jan July

Website:Terry Middleton