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Sharing the GOOD news.......

PTC CT #58!  By Gail Ray: CT Kelekena Shake’n It Up JH By Gail Ray: CT Bronson JH earned the elusive Champion Tracker title Sunday, Oct 15, 2017, at Delavan, WI, at the Western Waukesha DTC VST test, with Judges Pam German and Beth Walker--thank you judges and my stinky foot tracklayer, Sharon Cerny. The day was cloudy, wet, cold, and 20-25mph winds. We drew track #1----what a sweet track with perfect article placements! This was the best that Bronson has ever tracked! Nose deep in the veg and his normal head up on the nonveg with a huge head check for that MOT. Well done, my baby boy! And, to top it off.....a fellow club member and good friend passsed with us!! That was the Best!

PTC CT #59! By Peggy Granger: CT Ch Stonehill’s Stars in Her Eyes CD By Peggy Granger: On October 15, 2017 at the VST test put on by the Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club at Delavan Business Park, my girl Iris and I were fortunate to make the draw and get into this test. Beth Walker and Pam German were the judges and Iris and I got track 6. Janis McKoski was the tracklayer. It had rained the day before and all night. But when it came time to run the tracks the rain had stopped. Iris did a wonderful job! She got off to a great start and a good first turn. That always feels good! At the moment of truth turn, there was a picnic table next to where the track went. Iris went right over there and I thought she was just looking for food. I actually told her to "get out of there". But when she went again, I had no choice except to follow her. She was right! The last turn was onto a parking lot and I could see what I thought was the final article and when Iris stopped at it, my heart about stopped, too!! Iris is my first Champion Tracker and I could not be more proud!! So she is now CT CH Stonehill's Stars In Her Eyes, CD, GMDD (Grand Master Draft Dog awarded by the BMDCA). 

Small Heading

Companion and Performance Event Breeders Honored With 2013 AKC Breeder Of The Year By Sport Awards


January 2014

News from AKC President, Dennis Sprung


At the December 2013 Delegates meeting, I was honored to announce a new award initiative — AKC Breeders of the Year By Sport — and reveal the 2013 award recipients. 

The 12 breeding programs we honored this year have excelled in producing dogs successful in a companion or performance event. The commitment to preserve, protect and improve a breed represents the very essence of the AKC and these breeders have dedicated themselves to improving the health, temperament and performance of the dogs in th
eir sport.
I think Doug Ljungren, AKC’s VP for Sports and Events, who was part of the selection committee that chose these breeding programs, said it best: “Not only did these individuals breed dogs that excelled in their selected sport, many of the dogs earned titles in other venues. The accomplishments of these breeders represent the highest level of commitment to their breeds

and sports.”

Congratulations to these breeders. We’re proud to have people so dedicated to purpose-bred dogs participating in AKC events.  Our 2013 honorees are:


  • Agility: Janice DeMello of Rochester, Washington for her Hob Nob Border Collies

  • Obedience: Yvonne Piefer of Neosho, Wisconsin for her Tanbark Golden Retrievers

  • Rally: Elaine Brent of West Salem, Ohio for her One Ash Golden Retrievers

  • Tracking: Amy & William Vose of Paw Paw, Illinois for their Ashmead German Shepherd Dogs

  • Pointing Breed Field Events: Katie & Tom Tazza of Washington Depot, Connecticut for their Up 'N Adam German Shorthaired Pointers

  • Retriever Field Events: Mary Howley of Portage, Wisconsin for her Candlewood Labradors

  • Spaniel Field Events: Gary Wilson of Cannisteo, New York for his Sunrise English Springer Spaniels ESS

  • Hound Field Events: Robert Hartman of Columbia, Pennsylvania for his Del-Hart Beagles

  • Herding: Rebecca Beckmann of Stacy, Minnesota for her Rising Sun Farm Border Collies

  • Lure Coursing: Donna & Larry Richards of Denver, North Carolina for their TNT Whippets

  • Earthdog: Harriet Haydon of Puyallup, Washington for her Sunkist Border Terriers

  • Coonhounds: Terry Vance of Corinth, Kentucky for his Vance Treeing Walker Coonhounds

New CT for Pat Schroder and CT Carealot’s Moovin’ So Marvelous VCD2, MX

November 2013



The Pecatonica Tracking Club held their VST test today (Nov 3, 2013) at the Delavan Business 

Park, Delavan ,WI . Six lovely tracks were plotted on Saturday by judges Beth Walker & Linda 

Baschnagel in dreary wet drizzly weather. They were run on a beautiful bright sunny day with a 

medium light breeze rustling the gorgeous fall colors in the trees.

Everyone's efforts were rewarded when on track #6, Pat Schroder handled her smooth collie with 

infinite patience to her 2nd smooth collie VST/Champion Tracker title.

Congratulations to new Champion Tracker Carealot's Moovin' So Marvelous VCD2 MX. "Miss 

Moo" joins her housemate CT CH Carelot's Mesmerizin' Eyes VCD2 RN OAP OJP (the first CT 

smooth collie) who was also trained, handled & loved by Pat Schroder.

CT Miss Moo is the 50th Champion Tracker owned, tt rained & handled by a Pecatonica Tracking 

Club member. Pat is a founding member of PTC and a tireless worker; consistently laying track 

for PTC and several other area tracking clubs over the years. 

Thank you to super-duper Test Secretary Penny DuBernat, Head tracklayer Amy Vose, all of the 

hardworking tracklayers (Peggy Granger, Amy Voss, Gail Ray, Inge Suchanek, Sylvia Schultz and 

Eibhlin Glennon, Hospitality Lisa Warren & Terry Middleton, and most of all to the judges: Beth 

Walker & Linda Baschnagel.

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