2021 TD May a.jpg
2021 TD May.jpg

2021 TD Test  May 16 - Another successful test for Pecatonica Tracking Club! Test Secretary/Chair/Hospitality Jane Wiedel reported that 2 TD teams found our new fields to their liking and tracked their way to their gloves on Sunday May 16. We were very appreciative of Judges Donna Kircher & Pam Thornton who blazed new trails in the fields of clover, timothy & alfalfa. (Thanks to Jeff Kittner for finding new grounds.)


Pass #1 is Pembroke Welsh Corgi -

Wyndtree Sweet Talkin' Gal at Birch Hill

Owned by Pati Wiedel and Teresa Mulhausen


Track layer - Sue Reis, DVM


Pass #2 is Labrador Retriever-

Zoey Good Girl

Owned by Penny Kurz


Track layer - Donna Garske

They brought smiles to everyone's face with their passes. Thanks also to our tracklayers: Sue Reis DVM, Peter Rademacher, Emily Nie, JoAnn Saunders, Donna Garske, & Jeff Kittner, & Chris Bowers who served as Chief Tracklayer.


(Photos by Sarah Kittner)