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 TDX - November 6th 2022



In spite of the heroic efforts by our judges Eibhlin Glennon & Carla Wolter in plotting tracks yesterday in wind, up to 60mph, and rain, and of the valiant tracklayers who stuck it out, there were no passes today at Pecatonica Tracking Club, Inc's 5 dog TDX test.

The dogs struggled in the tall prairie grass. It was mostly cloudy, the winds were still blowing quite briskly, and the temp was in the 50's.

Kudos to our tracklayers and cross-tracklayers for spending a miserable weekend to give the five large-breed dogs an opportunity: Beth Walker, Al Comstock, Penny DuBernat, Jane Wiedel, Beth Comstock, & Ed Dvorsky. Nancy Einwich was the disappointed Test Secretary, Penny DuBernat was the exhausted Head Tracklayer, & Pam German - Keeper of the Poles.

Until next April for our TD, keep on tracking - Jan July

VST - October 31, 2022

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2022 pec TD Golden.jpg

TD - September 5, 2022

Track #2 - Pamela Morgan and her Golden Retriever JR's Golden Angels Platinum Supernova

Track #3 - Benita Theelen and her Field Spaniel, Upland's Gonna Have Some Fun @ Rusty Knoll SWN.

Thank you to the judges Eibhlin Glennon and Inge Suchanek, and tracklayers Jane Wiedel, Marie Bueche, Beth Walker and Peggy Granger; and to Carla Wolter and Pam German for coordinating the equipment; and to Pat Schroder, Peggy Granger & Gail Ray for helping with hospitality, transportation & photography. Penny DuBernat, Test Secretary

2022 pec TDU may Brittany.jpg

TDU May 5 - Pecatonica Tracking Club hosted a TDU test at the Delavan Business Park, Delavan, WI on May 1, 2022. The test limit was 8 and we only had 4 entries. One withdrew, so 3 teams ran. Our judges, Beth Walker and Carla Wolter, plotted three very thoughtful tracks. Two teams passed. Congratulations to Julie Asmus and her Brittany, CH Red Granite's I Am A Rock JH, RN, TKP. Congratulations to Barb Mattheis and her Golden Retriever, MACH2 Sandhau Skipper Flipkins of Tailwind VCD3, T2B, MXS, MJS, SH.

Pat Schroder was the Chief Tracklayer. She recruited a wonderful team of tracklayers…Terry Middleton, Emily Nie, and Penny Dubernat. Thank you for a job well done!!

It takes a team effort to put on a successful tracking test!!

Huge Thank You to Everyone!!


TDX Jane Wiedel & Ben.jpg

Happy smiles at Pecatonica's Tracking Club, Inc's  November 7th 4 dog TDX test today!


Jane Wiedel & "Ben" Ch Wyndtree Living Well BN new TDX passed on a tough track plotted by judges Connie Austin & Ulysses James at Deer Run, Cherry Valley, IL.


Our last test of the year saw sunshine, temps in the 60's and a light breeze. Tracklayer Tamar Cooney was happy to "pay back" as Jane laid Tamar's passing VST track at PTC's VST test last weekend .

Thank you to Test Sec Nancy Einwich, Hospitality Penny DuBernat, and Head Tracklayer with tracklayers Tamar Cooney, Marie Bueche, Terry Middleton & Peggy Granger plus new crosstrack layers Susie & Joanne. Without all of you, we wouldn't be able to hold our tracking tests!

VST 5 passes.jpg

VST Test: Five new Champion Trackers with judges Beth Walker and Carla Wolter (holding black GSD) on October 31, 2021 at Delavan Business Park, Delavan, WI VST test:  


(L to R)

Amy Vose & CT Conchita Supervia von der Feldweise of Ashmead UD, German Shepherd Dog female

Linda Sorak & Dollar von Erikson CD PCD TDU VCD1 JH, Airedale, male

Judge Beth Walker

Judge Carla Wolter holdin Amy Vose’s Mezzo Malfi v Geistwasser  of Ashmead UD, German Shepherd Dog, female

Tamar Cooney & Hidden Valley King in the North AX AXJ, Border Collie, male

Tracy Jones & GCHB Solo’s Over theLegal LimitVCD3 BN RE MXP MJP TDU XFP CA SW SC3E SIA SBA THDN CGCA TKA, Bullmastiff, female

Blank 1600 x 1600 (2).jpg

TDU Test Pecatonica Tracking Club celebrated four more new TDU titles after their test Sept 5 at the lovely Delavan Business Park in Delavan, WI. Judges Wally O'Brien & Beth Walker bestowed the honors. Also much appreciated were Peggy Granger, Test Secretary & Pat Schroder, Head Tracklayer & driver for the judges, and the track layers. Thank you to Sara Comstock for the photos!

Pictured are top left:  Annette Lynch with golden retreiver male Lakeview Sunny Sunshine CDX BN GO RAE THD DM DSA CGCA and now TDU! Pam Kristoff was the tracklayer .

top right: Catherine Greene with long-haired standard dachund female Ch Hundeleben Cappuccino TDX new TDU. Sara Schlough tracklayer.


bottom left:   Donna Kircher with 8 mos old GSD male Krystal's Grady new TDU. Beth Comstock, tracklayer.

bottom right:  Donna Kircher with GSD male Mikey von Wolkentor TDX new TDU. Gail Ray tracker (not pictured).

2021 TD May a.jpg
2021 TD May.jpg

2021 TD Test  May 16Judges Donna Kircher & Pam Thornton 


Pass #1 is Pembroke Welsh Corgi -

Wyndtree Sweet Talkin' Gal at Birch Hill

Owned by Pati Wiedel and Teresa Mulhausen


Track layer - Sue Reis, DVM


Pass #2 is Labrador Retriever-

Zoey Good Girl

Owned by Penny Kurz


Track layer - Donna Garske

 Thanks also to our tracklayers: Sue Reis DVM, Peter Rademacher, Emily Nie, JoAnn Saunders, Donna Garske, & Jeff Kittner, & Chris Bowers who served as Chief Tracklayer.


(Photos by Sarah Kittner)

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