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Pictured with Judges Nan Cochrane and Beth Walker are the new Title Holders:

BELGIAN TERVERN.  CT GCH MACH2 Starbright No Limit VCD3 GO RAE MXC MJC XF T2B CGC Owner /Handler Angela Walsh 

GERMAN SHEPHERD.  CT CH Starbright Demaro Rockstar CDX GN BN TDU RE .   Owner/handler Barb Turek

ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL.  CT Spindrift Gale Force III RN.  Owner/handler Myron Genrich

ROTTWEILER.  CT Kanosak's Xtratuf  Owner/handler Kent Hildebrand


TDX Test October 23, 2017 5 Dog Test - 3 Passes

      Judges:  Carla Wolter & Eibhlin Glennon

                    Congratulations New TDX Titlists!

DOBERMAN PINSCHER.  Wingate’s The Future of Awesome TD OA OAJ RE. Owner /Handler Jan Plagenz

WEIMARANER.  Ch Indabas Conservation Officer CD RE TD JH CA JHR RD VX.   Owner/handler Carla Ogert

GOLDEN RETRIEVER.  MACH Sandhau Skipper Flipkins of Tailwind VCD2 UD MX MXJ T2B MXB.  Owner/handler Barb Mattheis

A big Thank you to everyone who helped with the TDX test all weekend!  Judges Carla Wolter and Eibhlen Glennon; Test Chair, Emily Nie; Test Secretary, Jan July; Chief Tracklayer, Gail Ray; Tracklayers, Nancy Einwich,

Pam Kristoff, Mary Reich, Terry Middleton, Janis McKoski, Gail Ray; Primary Cross Tracks, Emily Nie; Cross Tracklayers, Hospitality, Sylvia Schultz




Pecatonica Tracking Club celebrated the beautiful fall weather with 4 passes at their 5 dog TDX near Rockford, IL. Judges Carla Wolter and Sandy McMillan plotted the tracks in tall prairie grass and used woods and changes of cover (including bridle paths) for obstacles.


Congratulations to:

Kent Hildebrand with Ronnie Bizer's Rottie bitch Kanosak's Un For Get A Beau;


Jill Botche and her Border Collie Norwood Green Beret (Mike); Karen Grikstas with her homebred sable German Shepherd Sunset View's Feisty Ann (1st time attempt) and


Rosanne Hatcher-Pientok and her Belgian Tervuren Sensation's Most Valuable Player!


Test Chair/Sec Penny DuBernat presided in-between laying crosstracks. Thanks to the many helping hands including tracklayers Nancy Einwich, Gail Ray, Debbie White, Mary Reich, Carol Rettig and cross-track layers Beth Elliot, Janis McKoski and Penny Dubernat (our own marathon cross-tracklayer!).


And thank you also to Lisa Warren on Sat & Sylvia on Sun for supervising over the food table.







There were 15 entries, and 1 withdrawal for our 7 dog Variable Surface Tracking Test. The judges were able to offer the alternate track to the 2nd alternate. Beth Walker & Pam German judged, with Pam filling in for scheduled judge Wally O’Brien when he had to withdraw. (Wally is feeling better now.)


All of the dogs had some rough patches. But the judges were very patient, giving the dogs the opportunity to work through their difficulties. Three dogs were able to solve the scenting problems and earn their VST/CT titles.


Our club members & friends work very hard to offer the fancy our tests, so hats off to: Test Sec & layer of 2 tracks Penny DuBernat; Head Tracklayer & tracklayer Carol Rettig; and other tracklayers Don Miller, Donna Kircher, Gail Ray, Jan Plagenz, Amy Vose, Janis McKoski.


Congratulations to: CT Sunset View’s Princess Hilda VCD1 CDX RAE – breeder/owner/handler Karen Grikstas.

CT Sensation’s most Valuable Player CDX BN RAE HT CA OA NF – owner/handler Rosanne Hatcher-Pientok DVM, co-owner Anne M Pientok.

CT PACH Busy B’s Legacy of Summer VCD3 UDX RE – owner/handler Patty Fulton


TD Test September 3 - Hampshire, IL

       Congratulations New TD Titlists!



Another Pecatonica TD Tracking Test in the History Books. Thank you to our wonderful judges Wally O'Brien and Carla Ogert. Thanks to the dedicated tracklayers -Pat, Peggy, Beth, Gail, Penny, Greg, Bobby, Amy and Lynn. We could not do the test without all your help.  Pam German did a fantastic job as Chief Tracklayer secured great tracklayers and kept everything running so smoothly.  A big thank you to Penny DuBernat for doing hospitality and to everyone else who brought food.

Now to the dogs and handlers who passed today – CONGRATULATIONS!!

CH Winter's to Catch the Wind JH - Field Spaniel - Albert (Neal) Winters

Dutch Hollow's simply Steady JH  - Labrador Retriever - Cathy Green

Valdon's Spinel CDX PCDX BN OA OAJ RE - Miniature Pinscher - Jan Plagenz

HC Brecken vom Leerburg CD HT HSAsd HIAsd HSBd HIBd HXAsMdM HXBdM - German Shepherd - Debbie Ekstrom Handled by Penny Kurz 

Mikey von Wolkentor  - German Shepherd - Donna Kircher

Pictured L-R: Judge, Walter O'Brien, Neal Winters, Cathy Green, Jan Plagenz, Judge Carla Ogert, Debbie Ekstrom, Donna Kircher, Penny Kurz

TDU Test April 30, Delavan Business Park, Delavan WI

Judges:  Pam German, Donna Kircher


Judges Pam German & Donna Kircher


Rough Collie (D) - Judy Belluomini & GCH Highcroft Bourne Ultimatum CD RN TDX HT, handled by Gina Femali 

    Owners:  Judith Belluomini, Don & Leslie Jewzewski


Labrador Retriever (D) - Penny Kurz and new CT Rush Lakes Chutes and Ladders CD RE, handled by Penny

    Owners:  Penny Kurz & Cynthia Nauer


Flat-coated Retriever (B)- GCH Kistryl Touch of Swedish Glory JH WCX & handler Beth Walker

    Owners:  Roni Szeliga, Teri Everwine, Beth Walker


Judges Pam German & Donna Kircher


Rough Collie (D) - Rosepoint New Song & handler Sylvia Schultz

    Owners:  Sylvia Schultz, Amy Gau, & Don Schultz

8 NEW TD Titles! August 30, 2015

Hampshire Forest Preserve


Congratulations to: Alt trk #9 Jan Plagenz & Dobe Wingate's The Future Of Awesome TD (B), trklyr Amy Vose

#8 Alberta James & GSD Ch Oak Ridge Shadow's Silhoutte of Shakila CD BN RE TD (B), trklyr Lynn Earhart

Judge Wally O’Brien

#4 Beth Walker & Flat-coat Kistryl Singular Sensation TD (B) co-owned with Roni Szeglia & Terri Everwine, trklyr Penny DuBernat

#3 Kent Hildebrand & Ronnie Bizer's Rott Kanosak's Un For Get A Beau TD (B), trklyr Pam German #5 Catherine Greene & yellow Lab Chestnut Hill Cliff Hanger JH TD(D), trklyr Gail Ray

#7 Catherine Greene & yellow Lab Byeu Not My First Rodeo TD (D), trklyr Jan Jones (Jeff Beatty w/ dog)

Judge Carla Wolter

#6 Carla Ogert & Weim Indabas Conservation Officer RA CA TD (D), trklyr Pat Schroder

#2 Carol Rettig & her choc Lab, Northstar Flying Dutchman TD (D), trklyr Peggy Grainger.


On August 30, 2015, Pecatonica Tracking Club held another successful TD test is with 8 out of 9 teams celebrating new TD titles. Judges Wally O'Brien & Carla Wolter (thank you, thank you) persevered thru very rainy & soggy condition on Saturday to put in 9 TD tracks at Hampshire Forest Preserve near Hwys 20 & 47 in IL. Nancy Einwich & her hardy tracklayers (thank you, thank you to them also!) stayed the course to give the entrants a chance at a new tracking titles for their dogs. Fortunately, Sunday remained cool & damp making for what appears to be ideal tracking conditions. Karen Johnson was the congenial Tracking Sec & Chair while the club provided its usual delicious smorgasbord with hot dogs, salads, chocolate cake, brownies & pumpkin squares for all in attendance.



  Pecatonica's 1st TDU Test - April 26, 2015

                                       6 new TDU Titles!


Congratulations to:


Track 4.  1½ yo Golden Retriever male Kelekena Shake’n It Up TD, new TDU owned & handled by Gail Ray. (Bronson)


Track 5.  Belgian Tervuren male RiverRun StarBright Quicktime, new TDU, owned & handled by Beth Walker. (Snap)


Track 6.  8¾ yo  German Shepherd Dog male Moonshadow’s Final Seven Miles BN CD RA, new TDU owned & handled by Jan July.  (Miles)


Track 8.  9 yo Flat-coated Retriever female GCH Kistryl Touch of Swedish Glory JH TD, new TDU owned by Roni Szeliga, T Everwine & B Walker & handled by Beth Walker.


Track 9.  3¾ yo Labrador Retriever female, Brogan’s Molly, new TDU, owned & handled by Mary Brogan.  First time handler!


Track 10.  2½ yo Staffordshire Bull Terrier female, Ch Immerlachen I’m Adele O Chief, owned by Jean Richardson, Maryanne Morrison & Connor Keegan & handled by Jean Richardson.


 Pictured left to right: Carla Wolter with CT Sky Acres Wild Catalina Rose, Judge Beth Walker, Jill Botche & CT Oelamp's Hellfighter HSAs HSBs OA NAJ OF, Judge Wally O'Brien, Amy Vose & CT Ashmead's Brindisi

3 New CT's!   November 2, 2014 Variable Surface Tracking Test

Once again the combination of a good site, good judges & good tracklayers came together to give exhibitors an excellent opportunity to earn a Variable Surface Tracker title.  The Pecatonica Tracking Club Inc (No IL) provided the right combination with judges Beth Walker & Wally OBrien at the Delavan Business Park, Delavan, WI, plus their experienced tracklayers.  


Three of the 7 teams were able to take advantage of the lucky combination, with the other teams coming... oh so close...1 missing the last corner, 1 overshot the 2nd corner, and two teams passed by the intermediate articles (handler missed the dog's indication on one track).


Congratulations to: 

*Carla Wolter & CT Sky Acres Wild Catalina Rose (Belgian Tervuren bitch) on trk #1, tracklayer Inge Suchanek. (This is Carla's 2nd CT)

*Amy Vose & CT Ashmead's Brindisi (German Shepherd dog) on trk#3, trackllayer Ginny Addington This is Amy's 7th CT.

*Jill Botche & CT Oelamp's Hellfighter HSAs HSBs OA NAJ OF (Border Collie dog) on trk #4, tracklayer Don Miller. This is Jill's 1st tracking dog  & CT!


Many thanks to Jinny Addington & Penny DuBernat for providing hot minestroni soup, hot chocolate & lots of other goodies for the hungry crew & exhibitors.  Inge Suchanek was the cheerful Test Secretary and Gail Ray & Pat Schroder shared the Chief Tracklayer duties.  A well-run test!


Jan July, official driver & photographer

Pecatonica Tracking Club, Inc.

October 19, 2014 Tracking Dog Excellent  Test

Pictured:  Magicgolds Something to Crow About TN TDX, handled by Penny DuBernat, owned by Virginia Addington; Judge Pam German; Winterset's Indian Harvest UDX OMI VER TDX JH owned and handled by Nancy Einwich; Judge Carla Wolter; Soleil de Hate Volee TDX owned and handled by Marie McLinn


The frost was on the pumpkins  and big smiles were on 3 of the 5 entrants + 1alt today, Sunday Oct 19 at Pecatonica Tracking Club's TDX test.  Thanks to judges Pam German and Carla Wolter for plotting beautiful tracks in virgin territory as PTC tried out new fields in northern Illinois.  Our old fields  were overrun with both vegetation and visitors & their pets, so new fields were sought in nearby sparsely used forest preserve tracts.  Everyone was pleased with the new grounds and the 50% TDX pass rate.


Congratulations to:

*Golden retriever dog Magicgolds Something to Crow About BN TDX owned by Virginia Addington & handled by Penny Dubernat on Trk #1  (Trklyr Donna Bihner)

*Belgian Tervuren Dog Soleil de Hate Volee TDX  owned by & handled by Marie McLinn on Trk #4  (Trklyr Donna Garske)

*Golden Retriever dog Winterset's Indian Harvest UDX OMI VER TDX JH owned & handled by Nancy Einwich on the alternate track (Trklyr Pat Schroder)

The non-passing dogs each had one problem that resulted in the whistle and finished the rest of their tracks nicely.


Many thanks also to our tracklayers & cross-tracklayers who also included Jill Botche, Chief Tracklayer Gail Ray,  Beth Walker & Mary Reich.


Accolades too to Test Secretary Terry Middleton, Hospitality Sylvia Schultz & Penny Dubernat and everyone who brought enough food to feed 2-3X as many mouths!


Next on our agenda is our VST test November 2nd at the Delavan Business Park, Delavan, WI.


Speaking of VST tests, Pecatonica Tracking Club  wants to congratulate our newest Champion Trackers: 

Golden Retriever dog CT CH Malagold's Patriot  BN owned & handled by Pam German  and 

Labrador Retriever bitch CT Rush Lake's Licorice Snaps RN OA OAJ NF owned by Cynthis Nauer & handled by Penny Kurz.   Both passed  Oct 12 at Delavan Business Park (Western Waukesha club)


Happy Trails & keep on tracking,

Jan July

9 New TDs!

August 30, 2014 TD Test Hampshire Forest Preserve, Hampshire, IL


Pecatonica Tracking Club, Inc held their TD test today, Sunday Aug 31 at the Hampshire Forest Preserve (northern IL) with resounding success!

Judges Carla Wolter & Lynn Earhart  plotted in a waist to shoulder high weed/grass mix with excellent results.  Test Sec Nancy Einwich and Head Tracklayer Pat Schroder, along with "smelly" tracklayers  Peggy Granger, Karen Grikstas, Don Miller, and Lisa Warren laid their tracks to perfection in the humid, warm weather.  Congratulations to an eclectic mix of new TDs:


trk 1 Otterhound  Ch MagicWood Kalevala Henrietta Howl-O'Day TD, owners Janette Jones & Mark Jones & handled by Janetta Jones


trk 2 Rottweiler dog Kanosak's Xhuberant Heir CDX RE BN TD owned by Ronni Bizer & handled by Kent Hildebrand


trk 3 German Shepherd  bitch Goldust der Leageah TDowned & handled by Pam German


trk 4 Labrador dog Charm Concierge at Cabin Creek TD owned & handled by Cathy Green


trk 5 Otterhound bitch Riverrun Optimist 5 O'clock Somewhere TD owned by Virgina Addington & Eibhlin Glennon and handled by Penny DuBernat


trk 6 Rough Collie Rosepoint New Song TD owners Don & Sylvia Schultz & Amy Gau & handled by Sylvia Schultz


trk 7 English Springer Spaniel dog Trailwind's Rebound Rex TD, owners Randy Capsel & Cheryl L Clark.


trk 8 Beagle 13yo Ch Wildhart Tales of the City CD RE THD TD Owners Janice Kobylarz & Dana Cline & handled by Janice Kobylarz


Alt 1 German Shepherd bitch Conchita Supervia Von Der Feldweise of Ashmead TD owned & handled by Amy Vose





The Pecatonica Tracking Club Inc. is pleased to congratulate nine new TDs from a field of 8 

entrants & one alternate under judges Pam German & Donna Kircher today, Sept 1, 2013, at the 

Hampshire Forest Preserve, Hampshire, IL. The draw was at 7:15am with the first track at 

7:30am, in an effort to avoid the hot steamy late morning & afternoon. The hardy judges & 

tracklayers were soaked a couple of times while plotting nine tracks on Saturday in moderate cover 

and steamy temps. The tracks were laid this morning in cool foggy conditions.

It looked like perfect weather for tracking, and it was!


Congratulations to:

Trk 1: Golden Retriever, dog, 17 mos- Malagold's Something to Crow About TD handled by 

Penny DuBernat for owner Virginia Addington. Tracklayer Lynn Earhart.


Trk 2: Belgian Tervuren, dog, 4yo- Sprite's Knick Knack of Fanfare TD handled by owner 

Kathleen McClain. Tracklayer Karen Grikstas.


Trk 3: Papillon bitch, 5yo- Wildcard Puzzle the Perfect Fit UD RE MX MXJ OF TD handled by 

owner Paula Eytalis. Tracklayer Don Miller.


Trk 4: German Shepherd, dog, 6yo- Ashmead's Brindisi TD handled by breeder/owner Amy 

Vose. Tracklayer Marlene Jansan.


Trk 5: American Staffordshire, bitch, 2yo- Ch Bedazzled By Delight RN AXJ OA TD handled by 

owner Sylvia Krpan. Tracklayer Sylvia Schultz.


Trk 6: Labrador Retriever, bitch, 10mos - Cabin Creek's Indicated TD handled by breeder/owner 

Catharine Greene. Tracklayer Emily Nie.


Trk 7: Labrador Retriever, bitch, 1 1/2 yo - Rush Lake's Last Call TD handled by owner Pat 

Grieger. Tracklayer Pat Schroder.


Trk 8: Golden Retriever bitch, 6yo - Evergreen's Ocean Breeze UD RAE TD handled by owner 

Nancy Einwich. Tracklayer Gail Ray.


Alternate Trk 9: German Shepherd, Bitch 3yo- Calpi Vom Haus-Farrenkopf TD handled by owner 

Michael Arndt. Tracklayer Gail Ray.


Many thanks to Test Sec Emily Nie; Head Tracklayer Gail Ray &all of her stinky footed 

tracklayers; Hospitality Peggy Granger; and to our very capable judges Pam German & Donna 

Kircher :)

Jan July, photographer, & support staff

Pecatonica Tracking Club, Inc.





Track #1 Shetland Sheepdog dog Cobalt Trinity's Makin' Waves TD OA NAJ RN new TDX 

owned & handled by Inge Suchanek (Milton, WI). This little speed ball took about 10" to earn his 

"X". Tracklayer Marlene Janson, X-Tracklayers Howard Bernier and Nancy Einwich.


Track #2 Bloodhound dog Ch MoJusta' Challenge of Churchil VST new TDX & CHAMPION 

TRACKER owned by Mary & Anthony Ginter & Michele McKinney and handled by Tony (he 

just passed his VST in KY) from Campbellsville, KY. A fine looking red, he looked every inch a 

breed Champion & a Champion Tracker. Tracklayer Donna Kircher, X-Tracklayers Howard 

Bernier and Nancy Einwich


Track #3 Labrador Retriever dog Lickety Split River Otter TD new TDX owned & handled by 

Carol Rettig (Oregon, WI) This young 2yo zipped thru the track (about 7-8") so fast that Carol had 

to wait at the final article looking for the judges. Tracklayer Patrice Barra, X-Tracklayers Howard 

Bernier and Nancy Einwich


Track #4 a young Labrador retriever dog from NE didn't settle in until near the end, but finished 

nicely, and got to see his breeder & other friends. Tracklayer Amy Vose, X-Tracklayers Sylvia 

Schultz and Penny DuBernat


Track #5 Belgian Tervuren bitch Sky Acres Wild Cataline Rose TD new TDX owned & handled 

by Carla Wolter knew shat she was doing and worked nice & steadily so the judges were able to 

pace on this last track. Tracklayer Karen Grikstas, X-Tracklayers Sylvia Schultz and Penny 



Congratulations to all involved included Test Sec Penny DuBernat; tracklayers Marlene Janson, 

Donna Kircher, Patty Barre, Amy Vose and Karen Grikstas; cross tracklayers Penny Dubernat, 

Sylvia Schultz, Howard Bernier, Nancy Einwich; Hospitality Karen Grikstas, Karen Johnson with 

help from Amy Vose & Sylvia Schultz; Jan July official photographer.

Very Happy Trails from

Jan July for the Pecatonica Tracking Club, Inc.





The Pecatonica Tracking Club held their VST test today (Nov 3, 2013) at the Delavan Business 

Park, Delavan ,WI . Six lovely tracks were plotted on Saturday by judges Beth Walker & Linda 

Baschnagel in dreary wet drizzly weather. They were run on a beautiful bright sunny day with a 

medium light breeze rustling the gorgeous fall colors in the trees.


Everyone's efforts were rewarded when on track #6, Pat Schroder handled her smooth collie with 

infinite patience to her 2nd smooth collie VST/Champion Tracker title.


Congratulations to new Champion Tracker Carealot's Moovin' So Marvelous VCD2 MX. "Miss 

Moo" joins her housemate CT CH Carelot's Mesmerizin' Eyes VCD2 RN OAP OJP (the first CT 

smooth collie) who was also trained, handled & loved by Pat Schroder.


CT Miss Moo is the 50th Champion Tracker owned, trained & handled by a Pecatonica Tracking 

Club member. Pat is a founding member of PTC and a tireless worker; consistently laying track 

for PTC and several other area tracking clubs over the years. 


Thank you to super-duper Test Secretary Penny DuBernat, Head tracklayer Amy Vose, all of the 

hardworking tracklayers:  Peggy Granger, Amy Voss, Gail Ray, Inge Suchanek, Sylvia Schultz and 

Eibhlin Glennon, Hospitality Lisa Warren & Terry Middleton, and most of all to the judges: Beth 

Walker & Linda Baschnagel.

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