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Prior to entering a TD or TDU test: A written statement must accompany each entry for a licensed or member tracking test for any dog that has not previously passed an AKC 15 TD or TDU test.This statement must be dated within two years of the date the test is to be held, signed by either person approved to judge tracking tests, or by a person/ evaluator who has handled a dog to a TDX or VST title within the last ten (10) years, and must certify that the dog has satisfactorily performed a certification test                                         



Certification   TD Certification                              Field, 440-500 yards, 30 minutes-2 hours old, 3 to 5 turns                                                                                      1 start and 1 ending article.

AKC Title               Title Names                    Overview

TD                         Tracking Dog                      Field, 440-500 yards, 30 min to 2 hours old, 3 to 5 turns and

                                                                             1 start and one ending article

TDX                       Tracking Dog Excellent       Field, 800 to 1000 yards, 3 to 5 hours old, 5 to 7 turns, 1 start, 2                                                                                         intermediate and 1 ending article

VST                       Variable Surface Tracking   Urban, 600 to 800 yards, 3 to 5 hours old, 4 to 7 turns,

                                                                                    1 hard turn, 1 start, 2 intermediate and 1 ending articles

CT                         Champion Tracker                Awarded to any dog who earns all three AKC tracking titles

TDU                      Tracking Dog Urban             Optional tilting event. This tests the dog's ability to follow 

                                                                                    least a 400 yard track laid by a person under a variety of

                                                                                    scenting conditions in an urban environment and to find the articles

                                                                                    dropped by that person

TD =    440-500 yds or 1275-1650 ft. = up to 1/3 mile
TDU = 400-500 yds or 1200-1500 ft. = just under 1/3 mile
TDX = 800-1000 yds or 2400-3000 ft. = over 1⁄2 mile
VST = 600-800 yds or 1800-2400 ft. = under 1⁄2 mile

May 26 3TD/3TDX 

(TDX pending AKC approval)

Deer Run Forest Preserve, 5691 River Road, Cherry Valley, IL

Test Secretary:  Peggy Granger

Judges Eiblin Glennon & Inge Suchanek


at Northern IL University, Dekalb, IL 

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